CONGRATULATIONS! You are getting married.
There are a million decisions to be made. You need a STRATEGIC PLAN. SAY WHAT?
WeddingBrand provides you with the tools you need to design an exclusive wedding. From the save the date to send off, we show you how to create your own unique WeddingBrand & companion style guide that will help you turn your big ideas into your big day. The result is a seamless, spectacular, and Signature Wedding of Your Dreams!
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Welcome to WeddingBrand!

In this blog, Jenna and I hope to share design and branding secrets that will take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary! When Jenna and I began working on her sister Amanda’s wedding, we realized that there was something missing at the beginning of the wedding process. Existing tools were basically lists of decisions we had to make. The question we struggled with was, “How do you know that all of these decisions are going to come together in the end?” So I did what I had been doing for my design and branding clients for years—I put together a wedding (brand) style guide and made a copy for each of our vendors. Within days, I had numerous requests from many of them for my style guide templates. How about that—we were not the only ones out there that were struggling with all of these decisions. So here we are, launching WeddingBrand and hoping that our unique tools will guide you and help you create the wedding or your dreams.
You can do it!

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