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DIY Receptions

A Guest Post By SimplyBridal

One thing that is foremost on every bride and groom’s mind is the wedding budget. This is especially true with today’s economic forecast. Couples that need to trim some fat from their budget can look no further than their two hands because there are several reception decorations that couples can do to save money.

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DIY centerpieces may be the most foolproof reception décor you can do. Go to a craft store and choose vases of varying sizes. Choose your filler and you’re done. Another favorite is pairing soup cans with wildflowers. It’s right on target with next year’s rustic trend and is simple as pie to create.

Chair Sash
Spice up your chairs with a trip to the fabric store. First, figure out what kind of sash you want before you go to the fabric store. Then, know how much fabric each chair will require for your design. Once you arrive at the fabric store, select your fabric and a finishing detail (such as a button, brooch, etc.) and you’re ready to go.

Making your own tablecloth is best saved for the more crafty couples, but it isn’t impossible. Similar to making a chair sash, you will need to know the style, fabric and dimensions prior to your trip to the store. For extra dimension, use two kinds of fabrics to add an extra facet to the design. We like using tulle to give additional depth but any mix of contrasting materials should work.

Cocktail Stirrers
More and more couples are serving cocktails (non-alcoholic included) at their receptions, therefore learning how to make cocktail stirrers can ease some of your financial strain. Purchase bamboo stirrers or wood dowels and then select your stirrer’s topper. Secure the topper with hot glue and you’ll be stirring a delectable drink in no time.

Escort Cards
If you can work a computer, then you can create your own escort cards. If you want beautiful escort cards, find the thickest card stock your computer can handle. They need to be stiff in order to hold up to anything that you can throw at them. Create your escort cards using a template and then you’re done. Punch holes in the top and hang them for guests or stick them to a board. It’s all up to you.

DIY doesn’t have to strike fear in the hearts of brides and grooms. Find your inspiration and get crafty. We guarantee that you won’t have this much fun saving money ever again! is an American online retailer of high quality wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding accessories, such as veils and jewelry. SimplyBridal ships to twenty-five countries in Europe, North America, and parts of Asia. Our products have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, and Rock n Roll Bride.

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