CONGRATULATIONS! You are getting married.
There are a million decisions to be made. You need a STRATEGIC PLAN. SAY WHAT?
WeddingBrand provides you with the tools you need to design an exclusive wedding. From the save the date to send off, we show you how to create your own unique WeddingBrand & companion style guide that will help you turn your big ideas into your big day. The result is a seamless, spectacular, and Signature Wedding of Your Dreams!
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The Game of Wedding Planning . . . Where to Begin

MASHWho said wedding planning can’t be fun? Remember that old fortune-telling, M.A.S.H. Game you played as a child to predict your future and who your mate would be? Well, we based our Wedding 411 Tool on it so that it takes the “pain” out of planning! This is where you begin the process of planning your wedding. Your Wedding 411 contains the answers to all of the main wedding questions such as Who, What, When, and Where. Flowers, fashion, venue—all of these things will be affected by your wedding date and budget so it is vital to be prepared with at least ballpark answers to these basic questions before first sitting down with wedding professionals. Don’t worry about the details at this point. You can work those out later. When you have completed this, make copies and bring one to each vendor meeting.

Download an editable pdf of WeddingBrand’s M.A.S.H. . . Your Wedding 411.


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WEDDING 411- First Steps to Planning Your Wedding




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