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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then . . .


This is a bit off topic, but I had to share. Amanda is having a baby in September and I am heading to Sydney later this month for the big event. We are over the moon! I was asked to design her shower invitation—you would think that this would be very straightforward, but then you do not know my daughter (for a glimpse, see our About page). Her business card lists Business Designer as her title. She works for a strategic innovation and engagement firm that conceives of new strategies and processes for all sorts of businesses and is always knee-deep in infographics and charts. Amanda has always done things a little differently so when it came to her shower invite, I figured I could take a risk. I am a huge fan of Ladislav Sutnar and when I saw the Ladislav font by Suitcase Type, (and since he is considered the father of modern infographics) this was a no-brainer. I used the same green and orange we used on her wedding invitations and discovered that I had some leftover sheets of the Gmund Tatjana paper we had used as well. Kismet! I found the perfect sage envelopes on Paper Source and the cutest Chiyogami paper on Paper Wonders with funky bunnies and lambs on it. Since Amanda and Jono refer to one another as Bun and Rabbit, we have been referring to the baby as Baby Bun (get it) since the gender will be a surprise.  So here you have it—a very untraditional baby shower invite but just right for Amanda.


“What does this have to do with WeddingBrand?” you ask. Marriage and birth are two of the most important events in life. It is essential to ensure that they are meaningful and signature to you and your partner. Following the trends keeps you in the know, but being an original is what it is all about. Take risks, put your heart into your design, and a fun time will be had by all!




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