CONGRATULATIONS! You are getting married.
There are a million decisions to be made. You need a STRATEGIC PLAN. SAY WHAT?
WeddingBrand provides you with the tools you need to design an exclusive wedding. From the save the date to send off, we show you how to create your own unique WeddingBrand & companion style guide that will help you turn your big ideas into your big day. The result is a seamless, spectacular, and Signature Wedding of Your Dreams!
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"I was thinking Southampton Garden Party meets Mad Hatters Tea Party (but more restrained and sophisticated) meets Italian villa celebration meets our life story . . . with a little New Orleans charm and a touch of Aussie casual." ~Amanda

LIKE MOST GOOD IDEAS, WeddingBrand was born of necessity. My daughter, Amanda, got engaged last year and decided to marry at home here in Laguna Beach. No small challenge as she and her husband live in Sydney, Australia. Thus, the planning fell to her sister, Jenna, and myself, but how could we possibly convey her vision and make important decisions on her behalf?

Utilizing my 15 years of experience in branding and design for Fortune 500 companies and Jenna’s psychology degree from USC, we set out to do just that. Verbal descriptions can be very subjective. Try describing Amanda’s vision (above) We realized that we had to create a set of tools that help brides develop a unique, personalized, and explicit vision of what they want their weddings to be and a platform to convey that vision with no ambiguity. Hence, WeddingBrand was born!
~Patricia Vining