CONGRATULATIONS! You are getting married.
There are a million decisions to be made. You need a STRATEGIC PLAN. SAY WHAT?
WeddingBrand provides you with the tools you need to design an exclusive wedding. From the save the date to send off, we show you how to create your own unique WeddingBrand & companion style guide that will help you turn your big ideas into your big day. The result is a seamless, spectacular, and Signature Wedding of Your Dreams!
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WeddingBrand is all about crafting a couple’s signature brand, but we have also spent the last year building our own brand as well. It has become an unparalleled resource for design-savvy and discerning brides, the newly engaged, and creative wedding professionals who desire outstanding and signature wedding experiences. We have provided original tools such as our WeddingBrand Style Guide, one-of-a-kind workshops, and carefully curated content.

Since our launch only one year ago, WeddingBrand has grown by leaps and bounds—so much so, that we have had to launch a new website. With the new site, we are now prepared and happy to accept wedding and content submissions, advertising requests, as well as VIP Vendor portfolios. Our stats have experienced continued growth, especially since we were invited to blog for Hungton Post Weddings back in March and continue to do so today.

We are thrilled that you are considering WeddingBrand and will work with you to build YOUR brand by finding the best solution for your advertising and promotional needs. We need to know a little more about you in order to find the right fit, so please INQUIRE HERE. Thanks so much!